Practicum 2, week 3: Cough cough

So coming back from March Break was hard. And I apparently didn’t get well enough during it, because I got sick again. The week actually started out kind of weird – I had an iffy review lesson on mixed numbers and improper fractions which prompted me to rework what we were going to do for the rest of the week (and panic a bit about whether we’d get to the cumulative on time), we got a new student who needed to be caught up, some kids were still on vacation…both literally and figuratively. It’s like they’d all forgotten how to go to school.

Tuesday was better, even though I ad started to cough and lose my voice…I got by and managed to teach gym, and had a much better fractions lesson than the day before.

Took Wednesday off due to getting sick again, which had me worried (again) about getting to my math cumulative on time…even though I sent in all my lesson plans, the class ended up doing something different (but still useful) due to a shortened period. I ended up teaching my intended lesson for Wednesday on Thursday, which was nice in a way because it meant I didn’t have to plan while I was sick, and did a giant review on Friday, which went well. We played the Rats! game with the Smartboard, and the kids loved it! So now I’m only really half a lesson short (the grade 5s need to look at percents, which I’m planning to do during our science time) and I should be able to start my cumulative on Monday as planned.

So everything is winding down, and I finally think I’m getting better for real this time. Things are looking up!

2 thoughts on “Practicum 2, week 3: Cough cough

  1. lostil says:

    I totally here you. Being pressed for time was something I also found challenging in my practicum! In my case though with rotary drama, I felt that I sacrificed some of the quality of my lessons due to time restraints.
    Somehow it worked out though!

  2. marysica says:

    I was also sick for a while during practicum. There is nothing worse than feeling that run down. Although I didn’t get to the cumulative in my unit, I found it a real struggle trying to balance getting through the curriculum and at the same time, trying to make sure that students were fully understanding all the concepts. A look into the life of a teacher! Hope you’re feeling better 🙂

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