Practicum 2, week 2: I can’t actually remember what happened

Most of week two is a blur for me, since I spent a large amount of time knowing that I was about to get sick and hoping I could hold off until the break. (I did. I got sick Friday afternoon.) Let’s see if I can make a list of things I did:

Math lessons carried on as usual, novel study too. I taught two gym classes, which actually went better than I expected – we’re working on volleyball skills, and we were able to do some partner work and play some good lead-up games. I was worried about not having a whistle (I haven’t been able to find one) but it turns out I can clap pretty loud and the kids are pretty good at stopping when they’re asked to. So it’s not just me shouting myself hoarse while 25 kids run amok (which is secretly what I was worried about.)

I also started Health with a grade 1 class, which was really short and super cute and I’m kind of sad that I’ll only see them twice more. We spent the first class getting to know each other and then doing a KWL chart for safety, which was about all they could handle in one period. I have a drawing activity for them that we’ll start next week, and that will probably take them the rest of our time together to work on, so hey, that’s one class planned for the rest of practicum! (phew.)

I’ve been given some science lessons to look at over the March Break for the grade 5s, so I can start that when we come back, and I’ll carry on with gym and math and novel study, and things will start to wind down. (If all goes well, I’ll spend the last week in math doing an art-based cumulative. Excited for that!)

Oh and ALSO – it was my birthday this week (Thursday), so I baked sugar cookies for the kids and gave them the recipe as part of our fractions lesson on mixed numbers. That was AWESOME, and I seem to have won approximately 1 000 000 000 points for having the ability to draw fraction circles on cookies (“You really made these? All by yourself?”) 🙂



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