Week 4 – I don’t know how to feel about this

Well, practicum is over.

This post has been delayed for a few days, mostly by busyness but also by my need to sleep an enormous amount. I also haven’t been sure what to say about my last week in practicum, because I alternate between being sad that I have to leave when I’m just getting into the routine of lesson planning (and planning some great lessons) and overjoyed that I’ll be able to sleep an hour later in the morning again.

My last week was kind of a scramble of trying to make sure I rounded off the lessons that I had started with various groups, and wanting to do neat things with my students as a way of saying goodbye. I had a few really great classes and some great conversations with the kids about what it meant that I was going back to school myself. In a way the many two-part lessons I had started were a blessing, since it meant less active planning for me – this was a lifesaver when I had so many lessons a day to teach.

I also had to pull out my “tough face” with a few classes who hadn’t completed work that I had assigned to them – I suspect that because the students knew I was leaving, they thought they could get away with leaving my assignments undone. Having to lecture them sucked, but it was at least good practice – I now know that I can be tough if I need to be. I also know that I am able to adjust my lessons when things don’t go as planned, as I had to do when my grade five students didn’t complete a homework activity that was necessary for the day’s lesson. It was tough to be put in a position where I couldn’t just have a good time with the kids in my last couple days as I had planned, but that happens, and I was able to handle it.

I’ve made tentative plans to go back and visit my school and the students for their winter concert, and I’m looking forward to seeing what they have prepared, since I had the chance to work on some of their repertoire with them.

It feels strange to end this last post on the last week of my practicum experience, but things aren’t over yet…



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